Anatoly Akue.
I am a contemporary artist born in Moscow in 1986. Since 1997 I am inspired by graffiti culture and it has a strong influence on me till nowadays.Graphics and oil, classical graffiti forms and abstract painting – my works can be found on city streets, urban-art festivals and big events such as Venice biennale 2018.
For the last 5 years I've been concentrating on studio work searching for the way to combine graffiti forms with joy from abstract painting and influence of Buddhist philosophy.
My main topics are exploring of development of humans inner qualities and process of uniting meditation, astrology and other science with everyday experience and situations.
selected shows:
-Project 64. VDNH.Moscow
-Wall elements. RuArts.Moscow
-1st biennale of street art Artmossphera.Moscow
-Discursive mind.DAC.Montenegro
-Vacuum. 2 Artmossphera Street art -biennale
-Independence. Vdnh.Moscow
-Enter the history. Moscow museum.
-Another shore. Manezh.Saint Petersburg.
-Entering the history. Moscow museum
-The guest. Triumph gallery.Moscow
-Free space.Russian pavilion.Venice biennale
-3 years in cave. Street-art biennale.Moscow
-Wall elements 2. Manezh.Saint Petersburg.
-Work for Street art museum. Amsterdam
- Aporias.Group show.Mirus gallery. Usa
- Artlife festival. Moscow

selected outdoor projects:
2004 – Write 4 gold final /Germany.
2005 – First mural in Moscow
2006 – 2008 Meeting of styles / Russia.
2008-2010 – Paint methods festival / Russia
2010 – Stenografia festival / Russia
2012 – Just write my name / Russia
2014 – Wall for StreetArtMuseum / Russia
2014 – Cultural summer festival / Germany
2015 – Duckley residence / Montenegro
2015 – 30 shapes / Russia
2016-2017 – Smukfest / Denmark
2017 – Aarhus festuge / Denmark
2018 – Mesto festival / Russia
2018 – Step in the arena / Netherlands
2019 –Wonder walls festival / Australia
2019 – Akasuka project / Tokyo

selected collaborations:

Nike, Suzuki, MTS, Hennessy, Starbucks, Adidas, Reebok, BBDO, Jaguar, etc.

One part of my work is transformation of graffiti letters into the story about
spiritual experience from the buddhist practices. It is filled with symbolical
meaning and human looking graffiti shapes sharing the view on our mind and its
I'm trying to make the process of working with abstract canvases a part of a meditation state. You don't have to respond on different emotional obstacles (laziness, fear and lack of trust during the work) but you can make them your supporter. If you are not attached to them you can see it as a richness of your mind not a disturbance. In this case painting without specific aim becomes a pure joy.
«Free space» – Venice architecture biennale theme in 2018. I was invited
by the curator of the Russian pavilion to share the view on ways the architecture
can work with public spaces. The main connections in Russia come through the railway system. We made a vision of positive and neurotical architectural approch to that topic.
Selection of urban projects
always open:
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